Heartview Day 3: Pool Sketch (Ezra 2)

Directions: The group leader will read the lesson aloud. The words in italics are directions for the leader, not to be read aloud. It's recommended that you click on the words in blue to make sure that the links open before the session starts.

Say a brief opening prayer for God to show you what he's thinking about.

Read Intro: In this passage, God is telling us that we have the ability to change our perspective. Turn to Ezra 2. 

Do Highlights: Highlight verse 70 as a main event. Please Note: don’t confuse Nethinims (temple servants) with Nephilim (giants).

Play Audio Bible: (Children) Fold your hands in prayer every time you hear the word, “priests.” (Teens & Adults) What happened to the priests who weren’t registered by genealogy? (Play audio. Answer: They were not allowed to be priests, v62.)

Observations: Imagine that you have taken a long journey. You are now seeing your family’s destroyed homeland for the very first time. How do you feel? You may be happy that your people now have the freedom to rule their own lives. You may also be discouraged about the amount of work it will take to create a home there. What kind of thoughts would you tell yourself to think? (Let everyone take turns answering this question.)

Application: Read aloud the five paragraphs between the italicized verses in this article. Ask God to show you which of your attitudes need adjusting. (Be silent for a few minutes.)

Prayersketching Activity: Take a moment to think about any problems that you're having in your relationships. On a blank piece of paper, draw a big circle like the one below. In this pool, write or draw the thoughts that you're telling yourself about these relationship problems. (Take a few minutes for writing.) Now, ask God for his heartview. Write his thoughts, using the back of the paper if needed. (Take a few more minutes for writing.)

Teens & Adults: The article that we read talks about asking our loved ones for accountability. If you are able to be vulnerable (without sharing anything that would make someone else look bad), share your attitude adjustments and pray for one another. 

For Further Thought: If you need more time to think about this, the Holy Spirit is your perfect counsellor. You can take some time later by yourself to talk to him about changing your attitude. When you’re ready, share your struggles with a friend or family member. Give them permission to ask you how it’s going from time to time. If you need to, set a time for a follow-up conversation and continue having these scheduled conversations until it’s not a struggle anymore.

Prayersketching Sample- Here's what a "Pool of Washing" looks like:

And here's a sample that has been filled in:

Pool of Washing.pdf
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