To the Leader

Do you want to know how to see your life through God's eyes?

Welcome to The Heartview Course! This course is here to give you a peek into God's heart.

Is it your heart's desire to help others know how God feels about them? This course is written to help you introduce your friends and family to His love.

"Neumastudy" comes from the Greek word, "pneuma." This refers to the Holy Spirit. This small-group format relies on the Holy Spirit to connect Bible principles and contexts for accurate application in our lives.

Daily sessions take anywhere from a half-hour to an hour. Neumastudy is designed for believers and children who can read.

For children who can't read yet, we recommend using The Bible App for Kids, with free videos and Adventure Books.

If you are taking this course by yourself, we encourage you to find someone to do it with you over videochat.

If you are taking this course with your family or friends, make sure that each group member has the required supplies before getting started.

Our 34 lessons are divided into six weeks, including the three-week "Battle Plan Challenge." It's best if everyone in the group can attend every session, especially during the 20-day challenge (days 15-34). If they can't make a meeting, invite them to attend the session by videochat.

Each session begins with audio Bible and highlighting. This is followed by observations and activities. After an application to daily life, children are dismissed. Teens and adults then go deeper through discussion or individual prayer assignments.

Our activities include timeline, maps, cross references, Q&A, fine arts (skits can be done with paper-dolls or puppets if needed) and audio/video reference materials. Two days per week, we draw simple shapes in which to write our scripture-based prayers. We call this prayersketching.

If you start this study on a Thursday and do one session per day, you will be doing prayersketching every Saturday and Sunday. If you miss days, the prayersketching will be on random days (which is also fine).

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