Spirit 7: What to Do When You're Tempted (The Security Strategy)

Today, we'll learn how to fight temptation by walking in the Spirit. At the bottom, you'll see a printable PDF packet that you can keep in a special place just to read during your moments of temptation. It includes a Biblical diagram of this spiritual warfare strategy, followed by a step-by-step directions. It also describes 30 different battlegrounds where the devil likes to influence us.

Before you print the packet, read through it. It's called "The Security Strategy." Ask God which battleground is the most important one for you to address at this time in your life. Quiet your mind and listen for God's thoughts. Choose one battleground.

Think of a private spot where you can go and sit down when you notice this temptation coming up. If you can, print the PDF and place it near (or under) this seat. If you don't have a printer, save a digital copy on a device where you can easily pull it up and read it. If you'd like, you can do both (print and download). (If you downloaded The Worship Strategy Book at the beginning of this course, it's on pages 14-20.)

In "The Security Strategy," we see how each human spirit forms a portal between our physical world and the other dimensions that we can’t see. When we use the shield of faith in Jesus, God’s influence deflects the fiery darts of temptation and creates a path of power from our spirit to our body. However, without God’s influence, we are enslaved to temptations that use our body (our 5 senses) to infect our soul (will, mind and emotions) and veil our spirit. The Bible tells us:

“Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh [body].”

-Galatians 5:16

The body is not bad; it is a wonderful temple of the Holy Ghost, who is the invisible form of Jesus inside of us. We must remember, though, that its desires can engage our soul to block the flow of the Holy Spirit. The body is intended to stay under the command of the soul and spirit, never to let its desires command them.

The rest of this workbook will examine how each part of the soul impacts the worship-art of the human being. Now, let’s move further along the path of freedom from the spirit to the emotions. 

Assignment 7: The next time you notice tempting thoughts coming into your mind, stop what you are doing. Go to a place where you can read "The Security Strategy" packet. Use the strategy to escape your temptation.

Note: If you have trouble with step one of this strategy, review the PDF below lesson 5b, "Be Born Again."

The Security Strategy (course).pdf
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